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Re: [TV] TV Listings down?

Andrew Flegg wrote:
On 2004-06-30, Lawrence Carvalho <lawrence@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
While I was waitng for a reply, as a test, I tried the following in a
browser :

Oh, you were referring to the *downloads*, personally, I don't use them.
Until I build a PVR my "itch" is listings guide.
There were two problems with the XMLTV downloads (only (1) with the
bleb-XML downloads):
   1) A temporary directory got full and stopped it working.
   2) UTF-8 characters aren't being handled properly if it's a pound
See an earlier message for the fix. Unfortunately, I may not have time
to fix it today - the fix is relatively easy, but the testing is
relatively time consuming.
Yep I'm getting

<h1>&lt;-- bleb.org/tv/ listings data download --&gt;</h1>
<h2>Unable to create /tmp/download-8537.dir</h2>

in the XML.... any chance of doing an rm ?

I'd be happy to do hosting of the listings server for channel downloads .....