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Bleb2xmltv testing feedback

Hi Andrew,

I've been testing the bleb2xmltv output data and currently can see two minor problems.

Problem 1.

The last programme in each bleb xml data file contains no end time and as a result the converted xmltv data gives an incorrect stop time (as you would expect). Is there any way you can add a correct end time to the last programme of each channel in the bleb xml data?

Problem 2.

The assumption that programmes beginning before 6:00am in the morning must be for tomorrows programming also causes problems with the tv scheduling, examples itv1 programming starts at 5:30am in the morning, cartoon-network & several of the BBC radio stations starts at 5:00am. A minor problem, however depending on which xmltv system you are using they will either produce errors processing the data and drop the offending programmes, schedule the programmes at the wrong time or simply crash...

Best regards,

James Mooney

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