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Re: [TV] Re: Transcoding (to XMLTV) and bulk downloads now available [beta]

In list.comp.tv, John wrote:
> Two minor things:
> tv_cat wants all the channel declarations to be grouped first, like:
><channel .../> <channel .../> <programme ../> ...
> instead of
><channel ... /> <programme .../> ... <channel .../> <programe .../>

Yep, thought it might.
> I'm really not sure about the channel ids (where are they canonically 
> defined), but in other XMLTV files I've looked at, it's just been the 
> "hostname" part of the URL, that is:
> Which makes sense to me because there isn't actually a webserver (or DNS 
> entry) for bbc1.bbc.co.uk :)

Yep, makes sense to me too. I'll have a look at both of these later.



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