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Re: [TV] Oi list admins :)

Apologies to all!

I was myself annoyed and frustrated at the number of non-delivery
messages that appeared to get generated from my submissions.

FYI - It all appears to be due to SpamKiller objecting to the "Reply-to"
and "From" addresses being different. I tried to fix it, but I think I'm
fighting a losing battle because as soon as I fixed that issue one of
the other SPAM rules was hit and the bounces started again.

Large attachments - OK, I'm guilty! I didn't really think, just eager to
share what I'd done so far - it won't happen again!

In relation to "its bad enough that he can't work out how to change a
24xx time to a 00xx" - it's not that I cannot easily change "24" to
"00", the point is should I have to? - the change from 23:59 to 00:00
(or to 24:00 for that matter) is a change of day and that is critical in
XMLTV terms. I can program for it, but if we were able to correct the
source data then every other developer would not have to learn this
lesson through trial and error.


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