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Re: [TV] Oi list admins :)

In article <20040202080829.L13893@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, jAmES Royal-Lawson wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Encore wrote:
>> its doubley annoying that we keep getting non delivery reports for the his
>> addy sent back to the list.

This was apparently due to a malfunctioning spam filter at his end.
Hopefully now fixed. I've also stopped delivery failures from making it
back to the list.

> i'd prefer it if he didn't send 700k emails to the list.

Hmm, agreed.

> i personally would ban attachments from the list. if you have something to
> share, put it up on a website and post the url.


Mailing list etiquette:

  * No attachments (link to website much more useful)
  * No rich text (plain text only)

Thanks in advance,


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