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TV Listings Webservice


I've got a webservice up and running using Andrew's data. I wrote it for a flash app and it seems to work quite nicely but I'd like to put it out here for you guys to use.....

The WSDL url is http://www.nodetraveller.com/webservices/tvGuide/tvGuideService.php?wsdl

It has two methods; getChannels and getChannelListings.

getChannels returns the available channels for any given availble date. The data should be in the 29/01/2004 format.....

getChannelListings returns the listings for the specified channels in a given timeframe. It takes three parameters;

   1) list of channel name you want to get listings for
   2) the date for which you want listings for (same format as above)
3) and a timeframe for which you want data. The timeframe should be one of the following values... ALL means from 6am to 6am the next day
       MORN means from 6am to 12noon.
       AFTER means 12 noon til 6pm.
       EVEN means from 6pm til 1am.
       and LATE is from 1am til 6am

So in PHP, using nusoap, I'd call the service like so...

$soapclient = new soapclient('http://www.nodetraveller.com/webservices/tvGuide/tvGuideService.php');
$todaysdate = date("d/m/Y");

If you want to see a php client in use with the SOAP envelopes checkout http://www.nodetraveller.com/webservices/tvGuide/tvGuideClient.php

I hope somebody finds this useful and I'd welcome any comments or ideas for changes....