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Re: Introduction and request for advice

Hi Jamie,
I'm developing a web-based tv listings app. I had the same problem as you -
I didn't want to maintain a local channel list, but couldn't find a way to
get a list of files in the listings directory.

My (javascript) solution was to use XMLHTTP to return the source of the
index page (http://www.bleb.org/tv2/data/listings/0 for today):
	var objxmlHTTP = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
	objxmlHTTP.Open("GET", theURL, false)
	var strResponse = oHTTP.ResponseText;
Once you have the ResponseText there are two options: 
- do some string manipulation to find all of the "<A>" tags and get the URL,
- load the source into a HTMLDocument object, and use the
getElementsByTagName method to return a collection of the A" tags, then you
can get the url from each node.

Hope that helps,


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