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Listings for E4 on Thursday, July 26 2018

06:00Hollyoaks Lily decides she wants to quit her job for unpaid hospital work experience, and it's Damon and Holly's wedding day. 
06:30Hollyoaks Yazz's beach-themed birthday rave seems to be a success. Harry goes to visit James in prison. 
07:00Couples Come Dine with Me In Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, there's a one-man comedy show, a posh take on some Yorkshire classic dishes, and a big surprise in store for one of the guests. 
08:00Melissa & Joey To Tell the Truth Mel and Joe's friendship with married couple Nate and Gillian is put in jeopardy when Mel reveals a secret that Nate has told Joe in confidence. (S4 Ep8/21) 
08:30Melissa & Joey My Roof, My Rules When Mel and Joe discover that Lennox is dating Emerson, her teaching assistant, Joe asks Mel to put her foot down and forbid the relationship. (S4 Ep9/21) 
09:00Baby Daddy Till Dress Do Us Part Bonnie delegates an important job to Ben, Riley, Danny and Tucker, prompting them to think about where their own lives are heading. (S4 Ep18/22) 
09:30Baby Daddy What Happens in Vegas Bonnie makes Riley her chief bridesmaid and demands a crazy hen party. Brad asks Danny to be his best man and arrange an epic stag do. (S4 Ep19/22) 
10:00black-ish 30 Something Dre hurts himself playing basketball right before his 40th birthday and hands the planning of his big party over to his hip young assistant. (S1 Ep17/24) 
10:30black-ish Sex, Lies and Vasectomies Rainbow finds out from a colleague at the hospital that Dre never had the vasectomy he supposedly scheduled a few years back. (S1 Ep18/24) 
11:00How I Met Your Mother The Limo On a determined quest to locate the perfect New Year's Eve celebration, Ted takes his friends to five different parties in order to find the best one. (S1 Ep11/22) 
11:30How I Met Your Mother The Wedding Ted is relieved when Robin agrees to go with him to his friends' wedding and thinks his luck is changing. The bridal couple, however, don't fare so well. (S1 Ep12/22) 
12:00The Goldbergs Dungeons & Dragons, Anyone? Adam picks a team of popular athletes over his friends in gym class. Erica decides she wants to leave home to attend college. (S3 Ep20/24) 
12:30The Goldbergs Rush When Barry insists that Beverly always favours Adam, she tries to make amends. Murray is not happy about Erica's new boyfriend, a fanatical music fan. (S3 Ep21/24) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Luminous Fish Effect Getting fired forces Sheldon to ponder life outside physics, leaving Leonard to take drastic action to snap his friend out of his reverie. (S1 Ep4/17) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Hamburger Postulate Leonard fears he's wasting his time on Penny and ends up making a connection with Leslie. Sheldon frets over a change to his hamburger routine. (S1 Ep5/17) 
14:00Melissa & Joey Uninvited Mel is not thrilled when Joe's mother Gloria drops by, but it's Joe who hits the roof when his estranged brother Tony turns up expecting to be able to stay. (S4 Ep18/21) 
14:30Melissa & Joey You're the One That I Want As Mel and Joe's wedding weekend dawns, Joe is injured at his bachelor party, Mel's father is missing, and a secret is accidentally revealed. (S4 Ep19/21) 
15:00Baby Daddy Stupid Cupid Riley is determined to set Ben up with Zoey, believing they would be perfect together, but both resist her attempts at matchmaking. (S5 Ep9/20) 
15:30Baby Daddy Homecoming and Going Sam invites Ben, Riley and Danny to the Hamptons for the weekend, leaving Ben confused as to whether he wants to be with Sam or Zoey. (S5 Ep10/20) 
16:00Young & Hungry Young & Secret Hoping to keep their relationship secret, Gabi asks Cooper to pretend he already has a girlfriend. Elliot and Yolanda go on a juice diet. (S1 Ep7/10) 
16:30Young & Hungry Young & Car-less When Gabi's beloved car breaks down, Josh thinks she should drive something safer and organises a replacement, but Gabi's less than pleased. (S1 Ep8/10) 
17:00The Goldbergs Recipe for Death II Kiss the Cook: Adam asks his father for money to film his own action movie, while Erica and Beverly go on a clothes shopping expedition. (S4 Ep6/24) 
17:30The Goldbergs Ho-ly K.I.T.T A shared love of the TV show Knight Rider brings Murray and his brother Marvin together. Beverly invites Lainey and Bill to Thanksgiving dinner. (S4 Ep7/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Nerdvana Annihilation Penny makes fun of Leonard's habit of collecting goofy memorabilia, but his friends kick up a fuss and try to keep him on the side of the nerds. (S1 Ep14/17) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Shiksa Indeterminacy Leonard, Raj and Howard all fall heavily for Sheldon's twin sister, but when Leonard comes up with a plan to win her heart, it's derailed by Sheldon. (S1 Ep15/17) 
19:00Hollyoaks Prince comes up with a plan to make more money and suggests to Glenn he hire Hunter to paint the mural at the school. 
19:30The Goldbergs Parents Just Don't Understand Adam and Barry write a song but don't get the reaction they were expecting from Murray. Beverly repeatedly calls Erica at college. (S5 Ep9/22) 
20:00Young Sheldon Pilot US comedy prequel to The Big Bang Theory about gifted but eccentric nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper, who doesn't find it easy growing up in East Texas. (S1 Ep1/22) 
20:30Young Sheldon Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System To appease his worried mother, Sheldon employs techniques from a self-help book to try to make a friend. (S1 Ep2/22) 
21:00The Big Bang Theory The Proposal Proposal Amy must decide whether or not to marry Sheldon and answers his proposal. Howard and Bernadette struggle with some unexpected news. (S11 Ep1/24) 
21:30The Big Bang Theory The Retraction Reaction Leonard angers the university during an embarrassing interview. Amy and Bernadette must hide their success from Sheldon and Howard. (S11 Ep2/24) 
22:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big House Part 1: Adjusting to life behind bars, Peralta bonds with a cellmate and is forced to join a prison gang, while Diaz puts her visitors to the test. (S5 Ep1/22) 
22:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Big House Part 2: Peralta is trapped by divided loyalties after the warden persuades him to investigate prison gang leader Romero's drug smuggling operation. (S5 Ep2/22) 
23:00The Big Bang Theory The Maternal Combustion Personalities collide when Sheldon and Leonard's mothers finally meet. Howard decides to 'man up' and do his share of the housework. (S8 Ep23/24) 
23:30The Big Bang Theory The Commitment Determination Sheldon pressures Leonard and Penny to choose a date for their wedding while dealing with changes in his own relationship. (S8 Ep24/24) 
23:55Gogglebox Britain's opinionated TV viewers pass comment on A Great British Christmas with Sarah Beeny, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (S2 Ep11/13) 
00:50First Dates Will historical re-enactor Rory's Viking beard knowledge impress cross-stitcher Maddie? And is fireman Rich beautician Steph's knight in shining armour? (S3 Ep5/9) 
01:55Tattoo Fixers Luke's derriere disaster proves to be a two-man job for Sketch and Jay, Alice covers a design that reminds Katie of her ex, and Glen puts a snowman on ice. (S4 Ep15) 
02:50Rude Tube Heroes and Villains Alex Zane presents another selection of amusing online clips, including man versus sofa, tree takes on house, and monkey against car. 
03:45Rude Tube Pranks and Stunts Rude Tube celebrates the greatest internet videos. This episode features skateboarding mishaps, electric shocks, incredible graffiti artists and a masterful fire farter. 
04:10Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister has found some cats singing the Star Wars theme, a hilarious pee prank and an escaped honey badger. 
04:35Couples Come Dine with Me In Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, there's a one-man comedy show, a posh take on some Yorkshire classic dishes, and a big surprise in store for one of the guests. 
06:00Hollyoaks Yazz's beach-themed birthday rave seems to be a success. Harry goes to visit James in prison.