WIMP OS                                 (c) Andrew Flegg 2004, 2006
~~~~~~~                                 Released under the Artistic Licence

WIMP OS is an attempt to produce a fully ROX-Filer, Linux-kernel, ZeroInstall
based operating system inspired by RISC OS. It is largely on-hold pending both
a proper website and a sub-alpha release. However the work in progress and
envfs which drives it are here.

At the moment, it's only a chroot. You'll need envfs compiled, running and
mounted in your kernel (Linux 2.6.x).

You should then be able to chroot into the WIMP-OS directory.

Everything is in a ROX AppDir, with symlinks for backwards compatibility. It
was intended to ship with a version of ROX containing two patches:

  1) AppDirs starting with '!' come before anything else,
  2) Environment variables can be set so that once an AppDir has been "seen" it
     can be used through envfs.

Patches etc. to <andrew@bleb.org>.

  1) Download envfs. Unpack, compile and start:
           $ tar xzf envfs-0.0.1.tar.gz
           $ cd envfs-0.0.1
           $ make
           $ sudo insmod envfs.ko
           $ sudo mkdir /env
           $ sudo mount -t envfs none /env

  2) Download and unpack the WIMP OS tarball:
           $ sudo tar xzf wimpos-*.tar.gz
           $ sudo ln -snf WIMP-OS/\!System /
           $ sudo su
           $ cd WIMP-OS/
           $ ./Stage2 skip-all
           root@wimpos:/ $ _

  Familiarity with RISC OS concepts would help. The file system looks like:

                       Root/         Root's home dir
                       Temporary/    Temporary data (e.g. might be tmpfs)
                       Variable/     System data which should persist reboots
                   Links/            Symlinks for the core system
                   Resources/        AppDirs containing the base system
                   Settings/         Base system settings
                   Utils/            Handy bits and bobs for AppDirs

               Stage1                Compiles the base chroot
               Stage2                Chroot into the base and compile rest

               (System internals and legacy stuff below will be hidden with
               GoboHide and is present for compatibility reasons)

               bin/  -> /!System/Links/Executables
               etc/  -> /!System/Settings
               sbin  -> /!System/Links/Executables
               lib   -> /!System/Links/Libraries
               tmp   -> /!System/Data/Temporary
               sys/    (Not yet present)
                   bin/ -> /!System/Links/Executables
                   lib  -> /!System/Links/Libraries

[1] http://tinyurl.com/ouqfm
[2] http://tinyurl.com/lrmd2
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