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Type Priority Description
Bug 1 FileOutput.Data should be used in WebObject.store()
1 FileOutput.Data should specify the encoding to use, rather than in the start script
2 Home page set incorrectly in "Help" menu
2 No "Mark all as read" option
3 Some plugins represent the last modified date as the time of fetch as the web servers don't return the proper headers. Some sites, such as Wired can be parsed for their dates.
4 Changing view can cause the wrong items to be selected.
4 No method for entering username/password for proxy (nobody uses this yet anyway! Unless you know differently...)
Tidy 2 Remove unused classes: TestBrowser and OptionTest
2 Reinsert debug for Story
3 Disable DEBUG by default
5 PatchedHTMLEditorKit: investigate the font debug stuff
Docs 1 Describe what default.css is for.
2 Information on debug messages
2 Explain rules system with examples