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17-Sep-2000 First public release under the Artistic Licence. Hopefully people will download it, play with it and submit patches and/or comments!
01-Jul-2000 Finished the project and demonstrated to my supervisor with stories from Wired and BBC Online being fetched successfully. The code will now be tidied up for a public release.
01-Dec-1999 The design is complete and now I'm working on the progress report. Once submitted coding can begin.
22-Nov-1999, 10pm A milestone! Prototype plugin and HTML parser classes successfully understand a page from Wired and output an HTML summary.
10-Nov-1999 Design is continuing apace with a top-down block level design, API specifications and the high-level core classes.
28-Oct-1999 Wired, The Register and BBC Online have been parsed and an API is being drawn up which will allow the plug-ins to decode the pages as easily as possible. Some sites, eg. The Telegraph, require registration and a cookie to be sent for the pages to be fetched. The plugin will provide a login option which will allow it to store the appropriate cookie.
15-Oct-1999 Specification now available. Drawing up the design by looking at lots of sites (BBC Online, The Telegraph, The Register etc.) to determine the type of API necessary for a plug-in.
11-Oct-1999 Site goes live.