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Listings for Sky One on Sunday, March 25 2018

06:00New: The Hour Of Power Tune in for an inspirational boost of positive thinking in this colourful religious broadcast. Also in HD 
07:00Futurama The Wild Green Yonder, Part 1: The Planet Express crew head to Mars Vegas, where Fry develops the ability to hear people's thoughts. (S6, ep 13) Also in HD 
07:30Futurama The Wild Green Yonder, Part 2: Leela discovers that plans to create the universe's largest miniature golf course will destroy innocent lives and takes a stand. (S6, ep 14) Also in HD 
08:00The Simpsons Simpsons Bible Stories While listening to one of Reverend Lovejoy's sermons, the Simpsons fall asleep and envisage themselves as characters from the Bible. (S10, ep 18) Also in HD 
08:30The Simpsons Mom and Pop Art Homer pursues a career as an artist when his misshapen barbecue pit attracts the attention of a gallery. (S10, ep 19) Also in HD 
09:00The Simpsons The Old Man And The 'C' Student: Bart must perform community service at Grampa's retirement home. Featuring the guest voice of Jack LaLanne. (S10, ep 20) Also in HD 
09:30The Simpsons Monty Can't Buy Me Love Mr Burns attempts to win adoration by transporting the Loch Ness monster to Springfield. (S10, ep 21) Also in HD 
10:00The Simpsons They Saved Lisa's Brain Lisa is invited to join Mensa and Homer receives a free erotic photo session. Featuring the guest voice of Stephen Hawking. (S10, ep 22) Also in HD 
10:30The Simpsons Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo When the Simpson family find themselves stranded in Japan they are forced to take part in a shocking game show to win enough money to return home. (S10, ep 23) Also in HD 
11:00WWE Raw: 1Hr Highlights from another week of pulsating action on Raw, featuring all your favourite WWE superstars. This programme contains flashing images. Also in HD 
12:00MacGyver Bullet + Pen: The team's Christmas shindig is ruined when the LAPD barges in and arrest Mac for terrorism. (S2, ep 11) Also in HD 
13:00Portrait Artist Of The Year... ...2018. New. It's the final and the portrait artists are challenged to paint multi award-winning singer-songwriter Emeli Sande before the judges pick a series winner. (10 of 11) Also in HD 
14:00Portrait Artist Of The Year... ...2018. New. This special film follows the winner of Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 as they paint a commissioned portrait of Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall. (11 of 11) Also in HD 
15:00Futurama Wild Green Yonder, Part 3: Bender agrees to help apprehend Leela and her band of eco-warriors, and the Grand Curator assigns Fry a mission. (S6, ep 15) Also in HD 
15:30Ghostbusters 2 Film The 'busters have fallen on hard times. But when a ghostly painting wreaks havoc in New York, who you gonna call? With Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. Flashing images. (1989)(104 mins) Also in HD 
17:30The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XIII Three spooky tales include a clone-making hammock, the return of Butch and Sundance, and an island of 'manimals'. (S14, ep 1) Also in HD 
18:00The Simpsons My Strummer Vacation Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty and Elvis Costello are among the guest stars who help Homer realise his dreams of being a rock dude. (S14, ep 2) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons New & Exclusive. Homer is Where the Art Isn't: Homer's caught in a fix when he is accused of stealing a million-dollar painting. Can a 1970s detective clear his name? (S29, ep 12) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Special Edna When Mrs Krabappel is nominated for Teacher of the Year, the Simpsons attend the ceremony. But fearing he may lose her, Skinner asks Bart to sabotage the affair. (S14, ep 7) 
19:30The Simpsons The Dad Who Knew Too Little Homer hires a private investigator to spy on Lisa when he realises that he doesn't know very much about his daughter. Elliott Gould guest stars. (S14, ep 8) Also in HD 
20:00New: MacGyver New & Exclusive. Mac + Jack: The end looks near for Mac and Jack when they get stuck in a house The Ghost has rigged with explosives. Well, that's until Mac finds a karaoke mic. (S2, ep 12) Also in HD 
21:00New: Hawaii Five-0 New & Exclusive. Ka Hopu Nui 'Ana (The Round Up): McGarrett rounds up every gang member on the island when an FBI agent who was investigating organised crime is killed. (S8, ep 12) Also in HD 
22:00New: NCIS: Los Angeles New & Exclusive. Under Pressure: The team suspect terrorism when napalm is uncovered at a crime scene. Strangely, there's just one casualty. Could their identity hold the clue? (S9, ep 12) Also in HD 
23:00The Blacklist New & Exclusive. The Cook: Liz questions Red's motives when they team up to find Tom's killers. The task force gets help from an arsonist as it investigates a disturbing fire. (S5, ep 12) Also in HD 
00:00The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. England's second largest police force, it's responsible for protecting 2.7 million people. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
01:00Arrow New & Exclusive. The Devil's Greatest Trick: As Cayden James tightens his hold over the city, Oliver must decide whether it's finally time to ask his ex-teammates for help. (S6, ep 13) Also in HD 
02:00DC's Legends Of Tomorrow New & Exclusive. No Country for Old Dads: It's all about the Fire Totem as Damien and Nora Darhk kidnap Ray and force him to fix it. Sara's personal life takes a positive turn. (S3, ep 13) Also in HD 
03:00Most Shocking: Dangerous Drivers Fast-paced clip show focusing on challenges the police have to face. (S1, ep 4) 
04:00Stargate Atlantis The Storm When a massive storm threatens the city, Atlantis is evacuated, allowing the team's newest enemy to move in. Contains strobing effects. (S1, ep 10) Also in HD 
05:00Stargate Atlantis The Eye Major Sheppard plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with soldiers who have seized control of Atlantis and taken Weir and McKay hostage. (S1, ep 11) Also in HD 
06:00The Dog Whisperer Desperate Housedogs A once peaceful cul-de-sac is full of tension. Can Cesar curb the Desperate Housedog drama? (S5, ep 32) Also in HD