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Listings for Sky One on Tuesday, December 19 2017

06:00Futurama Taste Of Freedom In celebration of Freedom Day, Dr Zoidberg eats the Earth flag, for which he is sentenced to death. In retaliation, the Decapodians enslave the entire world. (S5, ep 4) 
06:30Futurama Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch When Kif gets pregnant, Amy questions his readiness to become a parent. (S5, ep 5) 
07:00Futurama Less Than Hero When Fry and Leela discover a mysterious cream that gives them unusual powers, they form a superhero team along with Bender. (S5, ep 6) 
07:30The Simpsons A Milhouse Divided When Milhouse's parents are granted a divorce, Homer grows convinced that his own marriage is in jeopardy. (S8, ep 6) Also in HD 
08:00The Simpsons Lisa's Date With Destiny Lisa develops a crush on Nelson Muntz. Despite their differences, they share a kiss, but the romance is doomed because Nelson can't help misbehaving. (S8, ep 7) Also in HD 
08:30The Simpsons Hurricane Neddy Ned Flanders suffers a crisis of faith after his home is destroyed by a hurricane. (S8, ep 8) Also in HD 
09:00The Simpsons El Viaje Misterioso After ingesting several Guatemalan peppers during a chilli cook-off, Homer experiences hallucinations that inspire him to find his true soulmate. (S8, ep 9) Also in HD 
09:30Modern Family Door To Door Jay helps Manny with a fundraiser involving wrapping paper, and Claire stresses over a stop sign. David Cross (Arrested Development) guests. Mild bad language. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD 
10:00Modern Family Hit And Run All the men in the family are angry: while Jay is frustrated at work, Mitch and Cam are involved in a fender bender. Mild sex references/bad language. (S3, ep 5) Also in HD 
10:30Modern Family Go Bullfrogs! Phil spends quality time with Haley, taking her on a college tour of his old alma mater. Gloria and Jay have 'the talk' with Manny. Moderate sexual references. (S3, ep 6) Also in HD 
11:00Attenborough's Wild City With the latest film-making technology, Sir David Attenborough uncovers the unseen natural treasures of Singapore and explores how the wildlife has adapted to the human world. (2 of 3) Also in HD 
12:00Hawaii Five-0 Mai Ka Wa Kahico (Out Of The Past): Danno receives an unpleasant blast from the past when he's reunited with an ex-partner and dirty cop he helped put away. (S2, ep 15) Also in HD 
13:00Hawaii Five-0 I Helu Pu (The Reckoning): While trying to track down a killer, the Five-0 almost trigger an international incident that costs one of them their job. (S2, ep 16) Also in HD 
14:00NCIS: Los Angeles Exchange Rate When a convicted Cuban spy escapes US custody, the team are shocked to learn who helped to break him out. (S7, ep 18) Also in HD 
15:00NCIS: Los Angeles Seoul Man The team hunt for a North Korean spy when they get assigned to protect the commander of the Pacific Command. (S7, ep 20) Also in HD 
16:00Modern Family Australia Get ready for another eventful family holiday as the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tuckers head Down Under. Moderate sex references/flashing images. (S5, ep 20) Also in HD 
16:30Modern Family Sleeper Phil is forced to spin a lie after missing a repairman's call, and Claire accuses Cam of being snobby. Gloria organises the family photo shoot. (S5, ep 21) Also in HD 
17:00The Simpsons Marge annoys Homer when she tells him that she admires Ned Flanders for working hard and being able to provide his family with the best of everything. Also in HD 
17:30The Simpsons Bart is befriended by a couple of mobsters. Also in HD 
18:00Futurama Jurassic Bark Bender grows jealous when Fry attempts to clone his beloved fossilised dog. (S5, ep 2) 
18:30The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXVI In a Halloween special, the villainous Sideshow Bob finally achieves his dream. Meanwhile, Homer wakes up with memory loss. (S27, ep 5) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Friend With Benefit Homer sees his chance to live the good life when Lisa pals up with a mega-rich new girl at her school. (S27, ep 6) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Lisa With An S: Homer and Marge make a major mistake when they loan Lisa to Broadway actress Laney Fontaine. (S27, ep 5) Also in HD 
20:00Sky Sports Funniest Moments ... Best Bits. New & Exclusive. Players, pundits and comics look back at laugh-out-loud moments from the world of Sky Sports. With Nish Kumar, David Haye, Chris Kamara and Hayley McQueen. Also in HD 
22:00Trollied It's Christmas Eve and Gavin has an important proposal for Cheryl. Plus, there's romance in the air at the Valco Christmas party. Last in series. (S6, ep 8) Also in HD 
22:30A League Of Their Own... ...Christmas Party. James Corden is treating the A League of Their Own boys to an extra-special Yuletide treat: a good ol' fashioned knees-up in the countryside. Also in HD 
23:30The Russell Howard Hour Join Russell for his take on current affairs as he mocks the madness of the news and talks NHS with comedian and former junior doctor Adam Kay. Musical comedy from Harry & Chris (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
00:30A League Of Their Own James Corden, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp are joined by John McEnroe, Jimmy Carr and Alesha Dixon in this hilarious sports-based quiz show. (S11, ep 2) Also in HD 
01:30NCIS: Los Angeles Revenge Deferred Sam's family are forced to move to a safe house after an unnerving discovery is made in Africa. (S7, ep 17) Also in HD 
02:30The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. England's second largest police force, it's responsible for protecting 2.7 million people. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
03:30David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Courtship Dating is just as tricky a business in the insect world, and Sir David Attenborough finds out how certain bugs choose and then woo their partners. (Ep 3 of 6) Also in HD 
04:00Attenborough's Wild City With the latest film-making technology, Sir David Attenborough uncovers the unseen natural treasures of Singapore and explores how the wildlife has adapted to the human world. (1 of 3) Also in HD 
05:00Monkeys: An Amazing Animal.. ...Family. Patrick Aryee examines the new world monkeys from Central and South America and their evolutionary journey dating back more than 40 million years. (3 of 3) Also in HD 
06:00Futurama Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles Having been exposed to a strange substance, the crew begin to act like teenagers and the Professor's attempts to cure them makes things worse. (S5, ep 7)