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Listings for Sky Movies Indie on Tuesday, December 19 2017

06:00To Catch A Thief Film Alfred Hitchcock caper set on the French Riviera starring Cary Grant as the retired thief in pursuit of a copycat burglar. Grace Kelly co-stars. Contains flashing images. (1955)(103 mins) Also in HD 
08:00Zorba The Greek Film Crete's most lovable rogue is befriended by an English writer. Oscar-winning drama with Anthony Quinn and Alan Bates. Moderate language/violence/sex/mono sound only. (1964)(136 mins) Also in HD 
10:25Cleopatra Film Elizabeth Taylor plays the Egyptian queen and Richard Burton is Mark Antony in the spectacular historical epic that brought Hollywood to its knees. Stereo sound only. (1963)(233 mins) Also in HD 
14:30The Sound Of Music Film Unruly nun Julie Andrews joins widower Christopher Plummer and his seven children as they flee from the Nazis. Oscar-winning musical classic. Contains flashing images. (1965)(166 mins) Also in HD 
17:30The Italian Job (1968) Film Ex-convict Michael Caine hatches an audacious plan to steal $4million, involving a bus, two jaguars and, of course, three Mini Coopers. Comic adventure. Flashing images. (1969)(95 mins) Also in HD 
19:15The Bridge On The River Kwai Film William Holden and an Oscar-winning Alec Guinness star as British POWs charged with building a bridge that their own side want to obliterate. Moderate violence. (1957)(154 mins) Also in HD 
22:00Dirty Harry Film Clint Eastwood is Harry Callahan, a maverick San Francisco police officer out to trap a deranged killer known as Scorpio. Definitive cop thriller. Violence/flashing images. (1971)(98 mins) Also in HD 
23:45Magnum Force Film Clint Eastwood returns as unstoppable cop Harry Callahan, on the trail of a group of vigilantes, with nothing but a .44 Magnum and a sneer. Brutal thriller. (1973)(118 mins) Also in HD 
01:50The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) Film Suave businessman Steve McQueen commits an audacious bank heist, but sparks fly when he hits it off with feisty independent investigator Faye Dunaway. Sizzling crime caper. (1968)(120 mins) Also in HD 
03:40Easy Rider Film Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda are two hippy bikers who set off in search of America, and find sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll on the way. Rebel classic with Jack Nicholson. (1969)(92mins) Also in HD 
05:20The Desert Rats Film Scottish commando Richard Burton leads a platoon of hardbitten Aussies in a war of attrition with James Mason's Rommel. WWII action sequel to The Desert Fox. (1953)(85 mins)