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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, February 17 2018

06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island Treasure hunters search for clues to a vast fortune they believe is hidden on Brazil's 'Snake Island'. But team tensions could derail the expedition. S1, Ep1 
07:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne rescues a 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Touring Car that has seen one too many cold New Hampshire winters. S7, Ep21 
07:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne thinks he's found the best Austin Healey 100M anywhere in the world and hopes to get top dollar for it and two special Morgans at auction. S7, Ep22 
08:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne flies to Maryland to inspect a wide-ranging collection including a Jaguar XKE, an Austin Healey 3000 and a Lincoln Continental. S7, Ep23 
08:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne goes after a 500hp 1952 Allard J2X and Lamborghini Miura. While both owners are eager to sell, it looks like they might be getting cold feet. S7, Ep24 
09:00Fast N' Loud When Rich's '29 Packard receives an invitation to the fabled Concours d'Elegance, he challenges the Monkeys to a build-off. S3, Ep25 
10:00Fast N' Loud With Rich away at the elite Concours d'Elegance, the Monkeys race to complete their motorcycles in their big build-off. S3, Ep26 
11:00Wheeler Dealers Mike finds a rare rust-free model of Japan's answer to Britain's MGB GT. Edd must swap the sluggish auto for manual transmission to try and turn a profit. S12, Ep6 
12:00Wheeler Dealers Mike sources a Volkswagen 181 Thing from a collector, but is forced to dig deep for the purchase, meaning there isn't much left in the kitty for Edd to refurbish it. S12, Ep7 
13:00Blowing Up History New discoveries reveal the deepest secrets of the Stonehenge, showing how ancient magic, bizarre rituals, and brutal murder built this strange monument. S2, Ep7 
14:00Alaskan Bush People The displaced Browns struggle through a devastating transition as Ami undergoes testing after health concerns. And Noah braves the wilderness to defend the homestead. S3, Ep25 
15:00Alaskan Bush People A major diagnosis shakes the Browns, forcing them to a decision that could change their lifelong journey. And oldest son Matt tries to adjust as he reunites with Noah. S3, Ep26 
16:00Alaskan Bush People The family prepares to close down Browntown following Ami's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Bear, Bird and Rain leave the California heat to return to Alaska. S3, Ep27 
17:00Alaskan Bush People As Ami awaits treatment options, the kids set to join Matt in Alaska packing up Browntown. But an accidental explosion leaving Matt injured causes a setback. S3, Ep28 
18:00Mythbusters Brian Louden and Jon Lung go to extreme lengths to see if a full-grown human really could be sent sprawling by a single piece of plumage. S11, Ep10 
19:00Garage Rehab Richard Rawlings and Russell Holmes are off to see Westside Hotrods shop in Los Angeles. They have less than a week to tame the wildcard Hotrods Shop owner. S1, Ep3 
20:00Wheeler Dealers Mike picks up an extremely distressed 1965 Dodge A-100 Sportsman. Will custom-built surf inspired details provide enough wow-factor to snag a buyer? S14, Ep7 
21:00Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep1 
21:30Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep2 
22:00Faking It: Tears Of A Crime Bestselling author, Helen Bailey, was a wealthy widow. After finding love again with Ian Stewart she vanished. He helps in the search - but was it a cover-up? S2, Ep6 
23:00Killing Fields: Murder Isle In 2004, Carrie Singer was found murdered in a Virginia farm field. When the case is reopened, veteran Det. Potter and rookie Coughlin investigate. S2, Ep1 
00:00Wheeler Dealers Mike purchases a mouldy Porsche Boxster with seized brakes and a host of other faults, but at 1,000, he can't resist. Can Edd fix it up enough to turn a profit? S10, Ep4 
01:00Wheeler Dealers After finding a Morris Minor for the bargain price of 2,400, Mike plans to renovate it and sell it on for 7,000. It's now up to Edd to strip it back and rebuild it from scratch. S10, Ep5 
02:00Wheeler Dealers Mike tracks down a TVR Cerbera for just 8,000. However, these classic sports cars are notoriously susceptible to rust. Can Edd patch it up or will the chassis need replacing? S10, Ep6 
03:00Sean Conway - Running Britain Adventurer Sean Conway aims to run 1000 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End. He pits himself against snow in the Scottish Highlands, and battles motorways in Northern England. S1, Ep1 
03:50Sean Conway - Running Britain Endurance athlete Sean Conway pounds further southwards through the diverse British terrain on his lung-busting, muscle-shredding slog to the finish at Land's End. S1, Ep2 
04:40Fast N' Loud It's the start of a new era at the garage. Richard puts the Monkeys in charge of hot-rodding a '73 Chevy P30 Step Van for their first big build without Aaron. S5, Ep1 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how electric vehicle charging stations are made and how grappa is produced. S22, Ep10 
06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island The team gear up for their first venture onto the deadly Snake Island itself, where they'll face triple digit heat and one of the world's deadliest vipers. S1, Ep2