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Listings for Dave on Monday, February 25 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Road Cops Restored Faith New Zealand's cops curb traffic trouble. An eel fisherman with a slippery history is pulled over, and a drunk female driver wreaks havoc on the highways. S1 Ep17 
07:35Road Cops Palmy Royalty New Zealand's traffic cops tackle more motoring madness. Officers halt a dangerously overloaded truck, and pull over a car packed with opinionated youngsters! S1 Ep18 
08:00American Pickers Duke of Oil The Yanks who turn rust into riches. Mike covets a vintage motorcycle sign, but it has a hefty price tag. In Virginia, the guys pick a creepy cabin in the woods. S5 Ep15 
09:00Storage Hunters Men at War Those bargain-hunting Berniers face more run-ins with their rivals as they bid on valuables at storage auctions. Scott and Chrissy pounce as Jesse and Brandon argue. S2 Ep14 
09:30Storage Hunters Stormy Waters Cut-throat competition with those volatile bargain-hunters. The bidders head to Marina del Rey in search of prized nautical booty. Will the Berniers sink or swim? S2 Ep15 
10:00American Pickers Best of: Hard Bargains: Mike and Frank learn it is not always easy getting what they want when they face down some of the toughest negotiators on the road. S12 Ep15 
11:00American Pickers Substitute Picker All-American, antique-acquiring action. Frank is sick and Mike's brother Robbie gets a chance to earn his spurs - or even just buy a pair of antique ones. S5 Ep16 
12:00American Pickers Best of: Creepiest Collections: Mike and Frank face their fears as they uncover the most hair-raising items of the series. S12 Ep16 
13:00Top Gear Motoring magazine show featuring fast cars, insane stunts, crazy challenges and serious speed. S25 Ep5 
14:00Top Gear Motoring magazine show featuring fast cars, insane stunts, crazy challenges and serious speed. S25 Ep6 
15:00Yianni: Supercar Customiser Over to You Yianni The car customiser with countless star clients gets the chance to wrap an American vehicle when the owners of a Camaro give him free reign on their motor. S1 Ep11 
15:30Yianni: Supercar Customiser Home and Away Custom car king Yianni Charalambous has to be on the ball when the owner of Billericay Town FC asks him to cover his beloved Ferrari F12 in the team's colours. S1 Ep12 
16:00Sin City Motors Pickup Rod Road-worthy renovations and wondrous works of automotive art. Steve salvages a '49 Ford F1 from a field. Tensions rise as Barber and Steve clash, while Dave's errors pile up. S1 Ep6 
17:00Top Gear The lads race round Donington in three stripped-out cars: the KTM X-Bow, the Morgan Three Wheeler and the Caterham R500. Alex James guests on The Universal-ly popular show. S18 Ep6 
18:00Top Gear Matt LeBlanc presents this revamped edition of the most watched factual TV show... in the world. Chris Harris and Rory Reid journey across Cuba. Comedian Ross Noble stops by. S24 Ep6 
19:00Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Paul is a family man with a 10k budget. Can Rebecca tempt him with a modern BMW? Perhaps Elo's classic Mercedes-Benz is what the man needs? S1 Ep11 
19:30Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Bik has just retired...should his next car be a retirement present to himself? Or a practical family car to cater for his four tall children? S1 Ep12 
20:00Drug Wars The battle against drug traffic moves below ground to Nogales, Arizona's narco tunnels - marvels of engineering that can cost $1million to construct. S3 Ep15 New. 
20:30Drug Wars Law enforcement in South Florida screens millions of airport travelers to intercept the Latin American drug smugglers who try to blend in with legitimate traffic. S3 Ep16 New. 
21:00QI XL Organisms Sandi Toksvig is the new name in the host's chair as the edifying quiz returns. With Cariad Lloyd, Romesh Ranganathan, Phill Jupitus and, as ever, Alan Davies. S15 Ep2 
22:00Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is... ...Goodish. That's What Debt Actually Is, Actually: Dave Gorman's wry take on modern life, featuring a method to get rid of an unwanted gift and the reboot of a classic game show. S4 Ep3 
23:00QI Death Stephen Fry hosts the quiz which always teaches you something new. Alan Davies, Sean Lock, Andy Parsons and Clive Anderson are dying to know the truth about kicking the bucket. S4 Ep5 
23:40Would I Lie to You? Jack Whitehall, Emily Maitlis, Jim Carter and Armando Iannucci join David Mitchell and Lee Mack to separate funny fact from fanciful fiction. Rob Brydon hosts the panel show. S6 Ep8 
00:20Mock the Week Milton Jones, Ed Byrne and Ava Vidal join Dara O Briain and the usual suspects to dream up some 'Unlikely Personal Ads' - and make a monkey out the week's headline-makers. S12 Ep4 
01:00QI Death Stephen Fry hosts the quiz which always teaches you something new. Alan Davies, Sean Lock, Andy Parsons and Clive Anderson are dying to know the truth about kicking the bucket. S4 Ep5 
01:40Special Forces: Ultimate... ...Hell Week. Endurance challenge with some of the UK's fittest specimens pushed beyond their mental and physical limits by battle-hardened veterans from the world's toughest special forces. S1 Ep3 
02:45Special Forces: Ultimate... ...Hell Week. The search to find the UK's toughest recruit. The remaining 13 rookies go behind enemy lines in a role play exercise under the orders of ex-Australian SAS ace Jason Falla. S1 Ep4 
03:35Rocket City Rednecks Hillbilly Fireworks The explosive engineering show that's a real blast. The geniuses celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks display - which includes a toilet seat rocket! S1 Ep14 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.